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November 18, 2012
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Romano X Reader 

    "Give a' me the keys already!" 

    "Catch me first!" You chuckled, looking around madly.

    You smirked as you jumped over the couch, and surged past the doorway onto the wooden floors of the dining room. 

    Romano stomped in after you, "Give a' me the keys ragazza!" He said sticking his hand out expectantly. 

    You just smirked in reply and swung the keys 'round your finger. 

    Oh how easily he was played. 

    "I'm going to a' tell you one a' last time idiota!" he said stomping his foot for emphasis and pointing at your cheek. 

    You giggled and made your way behind the table, Romano facing you on the other side. Lightly drumming your fingers on its glossy surface you turned to Romano and just smirked again. It was all really too much fun! He always got this mad, and he would always chase after you until you gave him what he wanted, it was too fun to get a reaction out of him like this! 

    Romano's gaze intensified as he set his hands on the table, slightly hunched over, eyebrows furrowed at you. 

    "Give a' me the keys ______," he said pronouncing each syllable darkly. 

    You shifted slightly. What was with the sudden seriousness in his tone? He never talked like that to you, never. 

    Was he maybe calling your bluff? Had he played this game long enough to figure out how to turn the tables? If so, you weren't gonna give in this easily. 

    You swung the keys around your pointing finger once again. This serious air was beginning to make you edgy. 

    "Catch me first!" You laughed as you broke for the left of the table. 

     Imagine your surprise when you almost ran into Romano's sleeved arm. 
    You looked up at him in alarm. 

    "Ragazza...." He started in a clearly annoyed tone. 

    You locked eyes for a moment before you flashed him a cheeky smile and ducked under his arm. Towards the kitchen it was then! 

    You smiled in success before looking off in all directions, where to next? 

    You flattened yourself against a wall right beside the walkway into the kitchen, prepared to pop out and scare him before you would run off just out of his reach. His face was always so priceless. 

     Just the thought made you have to bite your forefinger's knuckle to keep from laughing.  

    Sure enough you heard his footsteps growing along the hall; wearing his shoes inside the house again after so many times of you telling him not to. He was so thick headed sometimes! 

    You slightly frowned as you waited for him to round the corner and... 

     "Don't even a' try it ______," You heard him say as he leaned against the opposite of the walkway, glaring at you. 

    You pouted at him. 

    "Did you wanna straw Romano?" You asked bluntly. 

    His eyes narrowed a little in confusion, "Why a'-" 

    "It might make it easier for you to suck the fun!" you interrupted, laughing as you ran up the stairs. 

    " Oh god! His face! Priceless!" you chuckled to yourself as you nearly slipped on the eighth step.  

    Romano shook his head slightly laughing to himself as he leaned against the walkway. 

    He walked to the bottom of the steps, shoving his hands in his pockets. 

     "Ragazza, get a' down here already! I'm a' going to be late!" he shouted up the stairwell 

       No reply. 

     "OI! Ragazza!!" he shouted again after a moment or two.

    The creaking of floorboards reached his ears. 

     "GET A' DOWN HERE ALREADY!" he shouted, steaming.

    This time he could've sworn he heard her restrained laughter from upstairs. 

     Romano started mumbling to himself in Italian, where phrases like "Ragazza Idiota," and "Sprecando il mio tempo," or " Attendere fino a quando la trovo!" could be heard in the midst of it all. 

      He marched up the stairs and straight into his room, swinging the door open with agitation. 

      "Ragazza!" he shouted still at the door's frame. 

     He took a few tentative steps onto the plush carpet. He knew she'd try to pop out of nowhere and scare him, but where? There wasn't a thing to hide behind, besides the bed and a few dressers pushed up against the wall. 

     "I'm not a' playing around anymore!" He demanded. 

    His gaze lingered over the bed again before turning to the closet. She couldn't be anywhere else. 

    "BAAH!" You shouted jumping out at Romano. 

     He didn't even turn around. His shoulders were slightly hunched signaling you still surprised him even though he had been expecting it. But no reaction otherwise. 

     "Nice a' try Ragazza," He said before glancing over his shoulder at you. 

     What was with him today? How'd he figure out where you were so easily! How did  he block you at the table earlier! How! 

    "How'd you figure out where I was Romano?" you said crossing your arms. 

     He merely shrugged while eyeing the keys you held in your hand. 

     You caught his gaze with a small sigh, why was he so dang stubborn! 

     "Where are you going anyways?" You said leaning forward slightly. 

     He met your eyes and a frown began to dig its way into his cheek, "Out." 

     You laughed a little at his expression, "Out being? What? The store? To see Spain?" 

     His glare lingered a bit on your hand still clutching the keys, then to your face. Imagine your surprise when he began to smirk at you. 

    "Oh, I get it, " He smirked

     You began to shift a little. This game wasn't any fun anymore... 

     "You a' don't want me to a' leave," he said, it wasn't a question. He knew. 

      You looked down, suddenly embarrassed by its ringing truth. 

      He chuckled a bit before coming up to you and giving you a kiss on top of your head. 

      "Bella," he paused pushing some hair behind your ear, " Ti amo, okay?" 

Your bottom lip began to quiver, 

Don't cry, don't cry... 

     You suddenly pulled him into a tight hug, missing the attention he always gave you. You hated that familiar sting of tears filling your eyes. You Hated how he never had any time for you anymore. You hated how red your face hot when you started crying. You hated Romano when he would leave! 

That's why these games were so fun. 

He played them with you. 

     You felt the hot tears fall down your cheeks. You both sank to yor knees. You missed him so much, it hurt. Why was he always gone? You put your hand to your mouth so as not to make those horrid choking sounds you hate so much. God, Romano.... 

     Romano was a taken back at this, why were you crying? What had he done?He felt so stupid! He obviously did something and didn't even know it!  He hated it when you cried. 

Those eyes that were always so playful... 

Filled with the look of a girl who knew nothing but pain all her life. 

     Romano hugged you tighter into him. He was there, with you, he cooed silently into your ear

Please stop crying. 

      "I love you so much, so much Romano" you cried over and over again into his ear. 

     "_______, I know bella, I know. Stop crying a' already bella, you shouldn't a' be crying, your so beautiful..." he trailed as nuzzled into your neck.

     "I miss you," you whispered in a raspy voice. 

     "I'm right here," he mumbled kissing you along your neck and jaw.

     You felt your face get hot from all the tears sliding down your face. 

      "Promise Romano,"  you cried into his shirt, "Promise!" 

     You needed to hear it! Its been so long since you were in his arms like this. 

     He held you for a brief moment, tracing his fingers in circles around your back. 

     "I promise," he replied hugging you closer. 

     You felt so stupid needing to rely on someone like this, he probably had no idea why you were so upset, so angry. You just started crying out of nowhere! You cursed yourself as you tried to take deep breaths to calm down. 

     Dammit! Why couldn't you calm down! Crying was so stupid! You hated crying; Even though lately you found yourself doing it more and more. 

    You couldn't control the tears pouring over your cheeks. 

Just calm down. 

Non of this self pity.

     Yet he hugged you, not willing to let go. 

     And you cryed into him, succumbing to his warmth.

     You took a breath as you choked out, "I'm sorry Romano," 

He pulled your head closer into him.  

    "______," he breathed out. 

     He held you for what seemed like forever, feeling your hot tears though his thin shirt. 

He needed you just as much. 

He missed you too.

It was just a matter of dealing with it; he didn't know how to. 

      He placed one arm at your legs' bend as he began to lift you off the ground; he placed you onto the bed, and pulled you against his chest as he layed there with you. 

     "______," He said gently rubbing your back up and down. 

     You continued your muffled crying as he cried into his chest. 

     "I love you Romano." 

    "Ti amo così tanto," he replied 

Two lost souls looking for attention.
Uh hm....

Yeah, blame Romano for this!---> :iconromanowtfplz:

I don't own Romano.
And as pimp as I am, I don't own you either :iconheplz:
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Nice, though simply telling the other person how you felt would have been much simpler and saved time. Communication is important in a relationship.
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Oh my God, I just cried at that ending! Jesus, I love Romano, I love this fix, just...ugh. *hugs for author and everyone*
Watsonchibi123 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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This is so cute and awesome. And sad, but a happy ending is in sight, even if it wasn't written.
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